Monday, June 20, 2011

Current Love: Tara Priya's Rollin', EatLiz's Hey, Aqua's Turn Back Time

Tara Priya: lovely retrosoul stuff. Just released her video for Rollin'. It's fun.

And then there's this funky little video from an Israeli rock band called EatLiz. I found it by accident - the joys of clicking random links.

And finally, this little 90s gem from Aqua. One of their less bubblegum tunes. Love it.


Band of the Week: Bayside, Nine Inch Nails, Enter Shikari

'K, so Band of the Week is getting a bit revamped. And by that I mean simply that I am a lazy cow who very rarely remembers to write a post about a single artist. As such, Band of the Week is going to become more of a feature jobby, showcasing random stuff that I've found in the last week or so. I'll probably still forget to post, but it's worth a try. Anyways, on with the show.

Firstly, Bayside. I've known about them for a few years now and have always loved their song Masterpiece from the album Sirens and Condolences. However, me being me, totally kept forgetting to check them out properly. And then they played at Soundwave in February so I thought they deserved my attention properly. Then I promptly forgot again and then last week I got Sick, Sick, Sick from their latest album Killing Time stuck in my head so I bought the album. Suffice to say, it's made of awesome.

Also, rambling paragraph is rambling. Bayside are pretty much straight up rock. Really good, makes you want to move sort of rock. Sick, Sick, Sick is a good example as is Seeing Sound (also from Killing Time).

I've mentioned Nine Inch Nails before and they hardly need mentioning again, but I got hold of The Downward Spiral and Pretty Hate Machine this week and felt the need to gush about them. I love them. Not entirely sure why I didn't check 'em out sooner. Anyways, have a listen to Heresy, Closer and Reptile from The Downward Spiral and Head Like A Hole, Terrible Lie and That's What I Get from Pretty Hate Machine. TDS is a bit heavier than PHM, but they're both awesome. Good industrial rock. The video for Closer is also pretty cool. Weird, slightly disturbing, but cool. And Trent Reznor was hot when he was younger.

Finally, Enter Shikari. I LOVE Enter Shikari. Anyhoo, found out this week that they're playing at my uni in October so guess who's excited? Enter Shikari are not everyone's cup of tea. They play a peculier brand of electronic post-hardcore often labelled as trancecore for it's dance influences. It's not a combination that goes down well with everyone and I know some fans now are getting annoyed because their more recent work is heavily dubstep influenced. That said, I still love them. They put on an amazing live show and they're very much worth checking out. Try Adieu, No Sssweat, Mothership and Labyrinth from Take To The Skies, Zzzonked, Antwerpen and The Jester from Common Dreads and the two latest singles Destabilise and Quelle Surprise. Love the Zzzonked video - I was at that gig (trying my hardest to avoid falling in the numerous mosh pits).

That'll do, right? Check it out, let me know what you think and pass it on.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Band of the Week: super-mega-awesome feature... again

Yeah yeah yeah, blog neglect. But anyhoo, I has music scrummies to share.

First, earthtone9 and particularly their new EP For Cause & Consequence. I don't think it's available digitally (and legally) anywhere outside of PledgeMusic, but if you can find somewhere to listen to it, DO IT. And you can always get hold of a physical copy. I only started listening to them after getting their greatest hits compilation free sometime last year and I've still not got round to properly checking out their material, but they're a pretty great British alt-metal band.

Next... hmmm... choices. How's about There For Tomorrow. I only know a couple of songs by them, but they're a decent alt-rock/pop band. Lovely stuff.

That'll do on the artists front. Now for some songs.

Japanese Voyeurs just released their new video for Cry Baby. Awesomeness as always.

Then, there's this epicness, which I already posted yesterday, but it's awesome so I'm posting it again.

And then this, because I think I've fallen in love with the Wicked soundtrack. I should probably point out that I usually hate musicals. Something about them just grates on me, but I love this. And I just had it stuck in my head all the way through my Tasmanian Fauna exam.

Anything else... Lady Gaga's Judas has become a bit of a guilty pleasure. Although, I wouldn't exactly call it a guilty pleasure - I try not to feel guilty about anything I listen to.

And this. I've never listened to Yellowcard and then I got a free sampler from Hopeless Records last week. This track's pretty cool.

And to finish, one of my favourite videos of all time to go with one of my favourite tracks of all time. I'm not much of a fan of Avenged Sevenfold but this is just epic.

For some reason the official video doesn't show up when I search via Blogger. How odd...

Monday, June 13, 2011

Randomness: PLUG PLUG PLUG

So yeah, I totally felt the need to plug my friend's new blog. It's also music based (probably more so than this one's turned out to be!) and she's just started it up. She's slightly less inclined to babble madly about stuff, so go and check it out HERE. And give her hugs. Hugs are always nice. Screw that, give me hugs, I have exams.


Just go check it out, 'K?

Randomness: Minecraft

Dear god, I haven't posted for ages. Blame end of term, coursework and now exams. Anyways, felt the need to blog. There might be a few more posts in the next few days, but first, MINECRAFT.

I can't even begin to explain why it's so addicting. It's a sandbox game. You dig stuff, craft stuff, build stuff and try not to get killed. And even with the monsters turned off, that's not always straightforward. The amount of times I've accidentally fallen into lava or off a cliff is ridiculous. Or all the way down my main mine shaft...

The graphics are basic. Everything's made of blocks, it's all pixelly and I LOVE IT. My housemate hates the graphics (because he's a graphics snob), but I think it's charming. It wouldn't be Minecraft without the pixelly graphics.

Almost more awesome (and definitely more awesome than anything I've done in Minecraft) are the videos on youtube. Current favourite: the Yogscast playing Minecraft. Two guys, trying not to die. Hilarity. X's Adventures In Minecraft is also pretty awesome, but nowhere near as funny. And then there's this.


Basically, before I just babble on and on for hours about how awesome this game is and the stupid shit I've managed to do (like accidentally opening my under-construction drawbridge while I was standing on it and falling to my death), go and check it out. You can play Classic for free online, but all you can do is build. You can't die, you can't craft and the world is small. If you like it, buy the beta. That's all there is at the moment. It's decent value and you get all the functionality, plus all updates. Or you could wait and buy it when it's officially released in November, but then it'll be more expensive.

Go go go!