Saturday, January 28, 2012

Review: Veronica Falls at Norwich Arts Centre, 27/1/12

Veronica Falls at Norwich Arts Centre, 27/1/12 (support from The Broken Seas and Fever Fever)

Kicking off tonight's show are Norwich locals The Broken Seas and it was indeed a wonderful kick off. Crunchy, female-fronted blues rock - all fuzzy guitars and powerful (although slightly American-accented) vocals. There were some great male-female vocal contrasts and for a band that consists just of a guitarist, drummer and vocalist, they were pretty damn loud. So, OK, the Americanised vocals grated slightly at points, but overall a brilliant opening set.

Following on from The Broken Seas were another local band, the ever-awesome Fever Fever. Gloriously raucous art punk with strong female vocals. Wonderfully sing-alongy in places and generally brilliant. That's all that really needs saying about them. They are amazing live, have a great stage presence and really interact with the crowd. I highly recommened checking them out if you can catch them live.

Finally, we come to the headliners, Veronica Falls. Personally, I found their particularly brand of dark indie pop a little bland and lost interest about two songs in. This might have been partly due to the minimal sleep I'd had the night before, but I don't generally find myself zoning out quite so much at gigs. That said, the set was polished, the music lovely despite the blandness and the rest of the audience seemed to love it. Stand out tracks for me were Beachy Head and latest single Bad Feeling.

All in all, a pretty awesome gig. Check out the bands via the links below.

The Broken Seas bandcamp
Fever Fever "Teeth" free download
Fever Fever Soundcloud
Veronica Falls Soundcloud

Now with added crappy photography! Yay! (Seriously, I need to start taking my camera to gigs.)
First up, The Broken Seas, way over there in the distance...

And then Fever Fever, in a rather fuzzy close(ish)-up...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Randomness: The Artist

I'm going to go ahead and assume that my (probably non-existent) audience have heard of The Artist. Black & white. Silent. Made of pure wonderfulness.

I saw it yesterday. I want to see it again. I was slightly dubious as to whether the story would come across properly, given that there's no audio dialogue. Very pleasantly surprised that it worked perfectly with no overacting to get a point across. I suppose this is helped enormously by the soundtrack - beautiful work and I had to stop myself dancing in my seat at the cinema.

I'll not bother reviewing it properly - I wouldn't know where to start with film, but I've got to squee just a little bit about the dog. The dog needs to win awards.

That is all. Hurray for crappy short posts.